Introducing The Arc of Aurora’s Social Enterprise: THINK+change

Having a child with a developmental disability is not the problem. Having a disability yourself is not the problem. Disability is a natural part of the human experience. The problem is, those expected to do the most for people with disabilities often have an inadequate foundation of knowledge. Intentional or not — through insufficient training, many people who are paid to be involved with those with disabilities often dehumanize the person, bit by bit, slowly over time. All people with developmental disabilities deserve respect and deserve better. They deserve THINK+change.

THINK+change offers solutions-focused training and tools that change knowledge, attitude, and behavior to ultimately improve the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities.

THINK+change brands and builds on The Arc of Aurora’s successful training track record and product line where the sky is the limit on training issues and tools to support positive change for people with developmental disabilities!

THINK+change offers three primary products:

  1. THINK+change Talks: engaging current and future THINK+change audiences through conversations on emerging and provocative issues, such as: Is special education a pipeline to prison?
  2. THINK+change Trainings: such as presentations on Mandatory Reporting and People with Developmental Disabilities
  3. THINK+change Tools: tangible products that assist in behavior change and system-wide compliance, such as Communication Quick Tips

THINK+change is the evolution of The Arc of Aurora’s advocacy and training efforts. The Arc of Aurora’s community of eager learners are ready for more, and THINK+change allows The Arc of Aurora to offer more!

THINK+change is unique, just like the individuals we propose improving the lives of, and, as a branding of The Arc of Aurora’s successful efforts, it is ready to be more effective, train more people, and continue making a difference in the lives of people with developmental disabilities.

We all know people with disabilities. Be intentional and plan to support THINK+change as we improve the quality of life for people with disabilities through THINK+change Talks, Trainings and Tools.

Learning is going to get interesting, very interesting!

Learn more about THINK+change here